Individual, Family, & Group Counseling

Individual Counseling

  • Individual Counseling for ages 11 years and up
  • Your needs are met by our experienced staff
  • Life Transitions: child going into middle school graduations, marriage, divorce, death, becoming a parent, retirement, job loss, caregiver
  • The Continuum of Stress: worry, fear, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessing, phobias, inattention, trauma
  • The Down Times: Sad, moody, irritable, lack of motivation, depression, impulsive, thoughts of death
  • Questioning Yourself: Confidence and esteem struggles, self-sabotage, second-guessing
  • Unproductive Coping Skills: perfectionism, shoplifting, Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI), eating disordered behavior, substance abuse
  • Boundaries: learning to say no, personal and professional boundaries, assertiveness, communication skills, abuse history, healthy dating

Family Counseling

  • Seriously dating and Pre-marital
  • Marital for husbands and wives dealing with communication, infidelity, loss, & parenting issues
  • Positive Communication and Boundary Setting with Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults
  • Professional Counseling from a Christian Perspective Available Upon Request

Group Therapy

  • Self-Injury Support and Therapy Groups
  • Tween Girls, Teen Girls, Women, and Caregivers of those who Self-harm Support Groups
  • Groups are capped at 6 attendees and last 1-hour
  • All groups are available online
  • School Counselor Support and Consultation Group: A 1-hour group for school counselors who want to ask questions, find solutions, vent, and be supported in a difficult job. Anonymous case-consults can be discussed with a licensed counselor who is trained in trauma, self-injury, tween/teen issues. 

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